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Can you really be an artist and a businessperson at the same time?

Artists receive a lot of misconceptions about the business side of art: that focusing too much on self-marketing is detrimental to your artistic growth, or that making sacrifices for a big contract is “selling out.” Along the way, musicians are taught that they can be an artist or a businessperson, but not both. Jennifer and Julia, co-founders of iCadenza, say that not only is it possible to be both, it’s essential for survival in today’s music world.

Through career guidance and personal wisdom, this book will show you how you can foster a successful music career without sacrificing your dedication to artistry. Jennifer and Julia demystify the music business in a compassionate and encouraging book that is a must-read for any aspiring musician.

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This is a small book packed with BIG ideas. Offering powerhouse strategies, real-life case studies, and actionable goals at every turn, readers learn to overcome obstacles and get down to business, all while pursuing art they love. The iCadenza tidal wave of influence and inspiration continues to grow!” David Cutler, Director of Music Entrepreneurship, University of South Carolina & Author of The Savvy Musician and The Savvy Music Teacher

If the words “business” or “marketing” make you feel icky and uncomfortable, this book will open your eyes to a different path, as Julia and Jennifer gently debunk prevalent myths about business, and reveal how making a good living in music is as much a mindset as it is a function of talent, hard work, creativity, and skill. Making a dent in the world may still be a little scary. But a good scary. The kind before you take a step outside your comfort zone and discover a whole new world of possibilities.” Noa Kageyama, M.M., Ph.D. Faculty, The Juilliard School Performance Psychologist,

“Julia and Jennifer have a completely unique understanding of the business of music and performance because they have experienced every aspect of it themselves. They come from a place of deep knowledge and understanding of the psychological processes of an artist. In this book they have distilled and honed tangible and practical ways in which to approach the challenges of being and becoming a working musician. I find that their proactive attitude and ideas have helped me tremendously in the journey of my career.” Hila Plitmann, GRAMMY Award-Winning Soprano

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