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Workshops for Universities

How can our online courses help your university?

The success of your staff and students hinges on their mindset, which is why our workshops and guest speaking topics focus mindset first. This approach complements the technical and life skills they have learned up until now.

There are a few ways you can learn about our live and virtual Workshops:

  1. Click through the slideshow below.
  2. Download the PDF version for easier sharing and printing.
  3. Contact us to schedule a phone call for more information and pricing. We’re happy to answer your questions and discuss the best dates for your students.


“Julia did a beautiful job of setting a safe space, encouraging peer discussion, and keeping on schedule. She brought up many helpful tips in a motivating way that got our group in a very proactive mindset for reaching their goals!” Isabella Petrini, Co Founder of BAE Theatre

“The workshop that Julia conducted for KUSC was invaluable. As the world moves faster and we all become more time-challenged, careful listening becomes even more important. The skills Julia taught us will make us more effective listeners who are better able to discern the needs of the people we serve.”  Brenda Barnes, President of KUSC Radio

“The iCadenza Career Development Bootcamp was instrumental in helping me to better understand and clearly identify who I am as an artist and what I need to do to stay on a positive and productive career trajectory. It’s an incredibly useful program for anyone in the early stages of a professional career.” Anonymous

“Bootcamp is a place where you can talk about your most exciting dreams and your most boring obstacles. Artists are more productive when they hang out with other artists, so if you’re banging your head against some glass ceiling in your career, join a circle of creative people who actually want you to have a breakthrough.” Lindsay F.

“I loved Bootcamp! Julia and Jennifer were so easy to work with and so encouraging. Bootcamp enabled me to formalize beliefs and ideas I had about myself and my singing. And then through one-on-one emails from both Julia and Jennifer I saw specifically how to achieve goals that I had set. A very well-balanced program!” Anonymous

“Before Bootcamp, I had a great deal of energy and drive to create a better career for myself, but not a clear direction of how to do it. The iCadenza Bootcamp gave me a very clear sense of purpose and helped me define my goals into specific actions I could take. It feels great to have direction and know exactly what next step to take.” Karen Hogle Brown

“It is a rare and precious thing to find such knowledgeable, enthusiastic and truthful support, for both artistic and business facets of the performing career.” Laure de Marcellus

“We all need reminders to help us refocus, redefine, and understand our contribution to the world of art. The iCadenza Bootcamp offers just such an environment for that exploration to yield positive and needed results.” Anonymous

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