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Happy Clients

We are constantly thrilled and humbled by the success of our iCadenza clients. If, like our clients below, you want to leave a lasting impact on the music community, work with us here.

“My response rate on cold emails has gone up significantly!

My experience with BYOA was exactly what I had hoped for. I’ve had a 100% return rate on my spate of cold emails to New Zealand (a market where I have absolutely no personal professional connections) — all within a week’s time!

I signed up for Be Your Own Agent to further refine my own booking process and marketing strategy. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the course, but I felt free to work at my pace. That can be very liberating for those of us who feel like we may be crushed by the addition of *just one more* thing to our lives.

Getting one-on-one feedback was priceless! The team told me where I could improve, plus affirmed the things I was already doing right. All of the tips and feedback came from a very positive place.

I feel much more empowered now. I’m happy with my direction and excited for what lies ahead.”

Juliana Soltis · Baroque Cellist · julianasoltis.com

“By the time I completed Be Your Own Agent, I felt like a different artist.

Be Your Own Agent is engaging, well organized, and easy to follow. The course book and videos provide information and step-by-step instructions for implementing a self-managed career. I learned my role and responsibilities as a self-managed artist, and the importance of being able to communicate who I am as an artist to potential presenters.

Now I can clearly explain my viewpoint as a performer, I have a website that’s clean and fresh, I have a gameplan for expanding my reach, and, most importantly, I feel empowered to take control of my career and pursue my vision. This course transformed the way I think about the music industry, and I’m now ready to transform the music industry with what I have to offer! If you are considering this course, I have two words for you: ‘Take it!’”

Tami Lee Hughes · Concert Violinist · tamileehughes.com

“I now know how important it is to think like a presenter.

My career was doing okay but I wanted to shift from orchestra gigs to getting more solo concerts. Be Your Own Agent gives you great insight into how the business works, how presenters think, and what the best way is to communicate with them.

I started to improve and organize my marketing materials, and even sent a newsletter that got great feedback. I have more concrete ideas about what I can do to book more concerts.”

Nicole Müller · Harpist · nicole-mueller.de

“I’ve made a concrete plan for each branch of my career (performance, teaching, writing/publishing).

At first, I thought I didn’t have enough of a career to be the agent of it. But it turned out I was wrong!

Be Your Own Agent was productive, enriching, and motivating — and I appreciated that I could choose my pace.

So far, I have made changes to my promotional materials (photos and design), written a mission statement, contacted directors of music schools to set up performances, workshops and masterclasses, and I’ve begun to organize my contacts using the resources the course provided.

If you have a focused desire to expand your career, Be Your Own Agent is absolutely worth it.”

Dr. Nora Karakousoglou · Performer and Educator · noracellist.com

“I have been able to talk with presenters in a focused manner.

Be Your Own Agent is a great program to ‘get your feet wet’ when it comes to booking your own performances.  All the materials are easy to follow and delivered in manageable, small-chapter sizes.

Plus, these skills more than pay for themselves. In one contract I could make back the investment.

Now that I’ve completed the course, I’ll be updating all of my materials. And I feel confident knowing I have all of these new tools in my toolbox.”

Rachel Payne · Opera Singer/Producer · reallyrachel.com · thetransparentsinger.com

“Thanks to iCadenza, I’m a self-producing, self-promoting machine.”

Photo by Christoph Chalfin

My work with iCadenza helped me in two important ways. First it helped me finally put into words who I am and what I have to offer. Second, it gave me the courage to ask to book theaters, shows, and artists.

Jennifer and Julia challenged me but never left me when I felt lost or confused.  Their confidence and positivity is infectious. I started updating my website and Facebook profile on a regular basis. And I began an ever-growing mailing list that I communicate with monthly.
I no longer doubt what I have to offer.  If I have a new idea, I believe all the way to my core that I can make it happen. Julia Chalfin, Soprano and Producer


“Jennifer and Julia help you get to the core of what you want out of your career.”

iCadenza-Client-Pamela-Stein-LyndeI didn’t expect that I’d look back on this year and be so proud of my accomplishments. As a singer, I wanted more performance opportunities, and I wanted to be taken more seriously as an artist. In terms of composing, I wanted a system of accountability for getting work done.

Since working with Jennifer and Julia, I started my own production company and gained a little more chutzpah in terms of requesting to sing for people when I wanted their attention. I also set up a structure for myself to eventually get more composing done.

This work isn’t a silver bullet, but it does help you clarify your ultimate goals and what will make you most fulfilled, and take steps towards those goals. Keep in mind that “the work” won’t be finished at the end of six months. It’s work that is meant to be ongoing throughout your career.

Many artists have motivation and desire, but need the road ahead to be illuminated just a little bit. I think Jennifer and Julia are a valuable and important source of light. Pamela Stein Lynde


“I have a better handle on where I want to go.”

icadenza-client-tom-hootenI reached out to Jennifer and Julia because I felt like I had more to offer but wasn’t sure how to go about it. I felt good about my career overall — I had lots of success with auditions and orchestral performance but I was frustrated with some other areas.

Now I found traction and have a better handle on where I want to go. Since working with Jennifer and Julia, I created workshops, updated my website, and negotiated better fees with existing engagements (and some new ones).

Working with Jennifer and Julia helped me see how difficult it was for me to move outside of my comfort zone. Luckily, they are committed, creative, and responsive while also striving for an environment of growth. I now have a better understanding of myself in regards to my career. Tom Hooten, Principal Trumpet of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra


“Jennifer and Julia transformed my teaching career.”

icadenza-client-Nathan-Cole-Los-Angeles-Philharmonic-Orchestra-Member-PortraitsI wanted to get more students signed up for my online studio at ArtistWorks. My growth had plateaued, and I just didn’t know how to get the word out. When it came to teaching, I was frustrated. I alternated between thinking that I was great at it but unappreciated, or that I just wasn’t as good as I thought I was.

Jennifer and Julia transformed my teaching career — and not only in the ways I had hoped for. I do have more students now, and I’m more selective about the teaching situations I accept. But I’ve also learned so much more about what my students (and potential students) actually want, care about and need to hear.

Before, I had no website to speak of. Now, my website speaks the message that I would have been shy about sharing before: ‘I’m here for you, I love to teach, and I will help you reach your goals!’

I feel as if there’s a big sky above and it’s up to me how to proceed! I now know that there are hundreds if not thousands who want and need my help.

I’m also full of ideas for future projects, after seeing the success we had together. I definitely felt I was at a dead end before. Now, I see multiple paths ahead and I feel empowered to choose the best one. Nathan Cole, First Associate Concertmaster of the LA Philharmonic & Violin Teacher at ArtistWorks


“I booked more concerts and performances.”

icadezna-client-Weiwen-MaThe dream I had when I was young doesn’t feel impossible anymore. After I talked to Julia and Jennifer, I feel rejuvenated. They provided the support that I had needed for a long time.

I have learned how to reach out to people and ask for opportunities. I realize that some opportunities will come to you, but more opportunities are to be found.

I would describe Jennifer and Julia as supportive, brilliant, and effective. They taught me that if I do little by little, step by step, I will reach my goal. Weiwen Ma, Pianist


“Julia and Jennifer are completely supportive, upbeat, and hard working.”

iCadenza-Client-Rachel-PayneiCadenza came into my life at a crossroads of career choices. Jennifer and Julia helped me organize my ideas, and gave me some fantastic tools (especially Bootcamp!) for understanding my own goals.

They have an extensive toolbox of references and business understanding that is lacking in many areas of this industry. So I always felt comfortable talking with them about pretty much anything I’m working on.

My biggest takeaways were the followup protocol I now use with collaborators, and the knowledge that resistance is a natural part of life. It doesn’t mean I’m not meant to do something, it means I’m meant to persevere. Rachel Payne, Soprano


“I feel empowered and confident.”

iCadenza-Client-Sean-RogersHaving a career takes great planning. Once I started working with iCadenza, I realized the importance of setting long-range and short-range goals.

With heightened self-awareness in my artistry comes the ability to stick with the vision of what I am and who I am as an artist. The mission statement we created together continues to give me laser focus for the day.

Now, I wake up every morning with the renewed passion for learning and artistic self-discovery that I used to have when I was younger. I also have a better understanding of the “ins and outs” of the music business.

Our discussions have been tailored to help me fulfill my goals and dreams in my music career and how to alleviate my fears. I have always thought of myself as being accomplished, but I have never treated the talent and gift for what it was worth. Sean Rogers, Pianist, Organist, Arranger, Composer


“Jennifer and Julia have helped me transform my dreams into reality.”

iCadenza-Client-Macha-PoyndePeople notice the differences in me since I started working with iCadenza. Jennifer and Julia have given me methods and tools that have helped me grow beyond my limits. I’m filled with confidence and greater self-esteem, and my self-image has deeply transformed. There is greater depth in every aspect of my life. In other words, a huge transformative process has taken place. I feel myself supported in my wildest dreams, nothing is too big, nothing is impossible. Macha Poynder, Artist


“I was able to successfully raise the money I needed for my project.”

iCadenza-Client-Amanda-McAllisterWhen I first met Julia and Jennifer, I was an opera singer struggling to find direction in my career path. I now feel more empowered to claim my values and to stretch the boundaries of what I think is possible. Through my work with iCadenza, I have expanded my skills to include songwriting, recording, marketing, promotion, project management, and invented a new style of music I like to call “Genre-Smashing.”

They have the ability to present long-term stretch goals in a way that seems completely manageable on a day to day basis. They helped me hone my fundraising, project management, and strategic planning skills so that I can create a sustainable business model.

When I needed to raise money for my recording project, Julia and Jennifer guided me through my fears. That week, each of them independently reached out to me to offer words of encouragement and support. It was so touching to know that I was on their minds and that they were ‘rooting’ for my success. I have saved their messages and use them when I’m having a rough day.

In the end, I was able to successfully raise the money I needed for my project. It is such a huge success for me and an especially fulfilling success because I was able to overcome a fear in the process. Amanda McAllister, Singer, Songwriter, Genre-Smasher


“Working with Julia and Jennifer has been revelatory.”

iCadenza-Client-Rick-RobinsonWorking with iCadenza has helped me to focus on recognizing, managing and selling what I want from my career move. They helped me start to build a strong network of donors, presenters and fans to share my mission.

Not only did I learn many insider secrets to booking and talking with presenters, but I gained priceless experience and confidence through repeated coaching sessions. I also received valuable time-management techniques, software add-ons for contact-management and business plan templates. With all of these tools, I’m already seeing increased interest, bookings and collaborations relevant to my goals. Rick Robinson, Classical Bass Player


“The work I did with iCadenza has given me a sense of empowerment.”

iCadenza-Client-Karen-Hogle-BrownWhen I first came to Julia and Jennifer, I felt completely stuck. I had a very successful choral career, but was rarely challenged as a soloist. I felt very much stuck in a rut, and the most stagnating thing was the feeling of not growing beyond the musician I was.

After meetings with Julia and Jennifer, I began to feel very much like Dorothy — I always had the power to jump start my career, just click my heels 3 times…. They helped me to realize my own potential in reaching out to new companies, tapping into the resources and contacts I already have, assessing my strengths and weaknesses, and where a weakness exists, defining what I might need to take power of it.

As a result, I have had several new opportunities this year. I have reached out to more of the smaller companies right around us. I was granted several auditions, and had my first performance with Redlands Opera Theatre just last week. I was also blessed with several other opportunities that I would never have thought of, but again came through contacts I already knew. We all know that this business is about who you know, so growing the circle of friends feels like a forward motion.

My biggest change inside is no longer feeling powerless or stuck. There are times that I do feel those things, but I now have tools to immediately address them. Karen Hogle Brown, Soprano


“If you are done with school but don’t have an agent, iCadenza is your the next step.”

iCadenza-Client-Elizabeth-GentnerKnowing what I wanted to do with my life wasn’t enough. I needed a concrete focus every morning. Now I’ve got a plan and task lists — and I know what I’m doing every day to get what I want out of singing.

There is a great chasm between what singers are taught in universities and what they need to know to develop a career of any kind. The business of singing is a great deal more than singing a few arias well.

Thanks to Jennifer and Julia, I’m a more “together” singer. I’m more aware of my ability to be both a singer and business manager. After working with them, I launched my website exists, nearly finished my book, and I went to Europe and did 20+ auditions.

I know how to keep things manageable and work on a more even keel. I tend to be so hyper-focused on the Life goals that I get stymied on the day to day, and now I have some tools to better manage how I operate. Elizabeth Gentner, Soprano


“I am more connected to my voice.”

iCadenza-Client-Erika-PersonWorking with iCadenza made developing my marketing materials less daunting. And developing a personal mission statement helped me to tap into my sense of purpose in this industry. I became more assertive in approaching producers. I am also more connected to my voice, more courageous, and more comfortable with my path in this life and this business. Erika Person, Mezzo-Soprano


“Julia and Jennifer encouraged me to challenge myself.”

iCadenza-Client-Jennie-Jung During the time of my work with iCadenza, I was dealing with a few of life-changing events in my personal life. These all created huge stresses which were very difficult to work through at times without feeling completely overwhelmed.

Through these periods, Julia and Jennifer gave me the space to focus on the personal rather than professional, all the while remaining very supportive and available for whatever I needed, even if it was just a few encouraging words.

While working on my project of creating a foundation for young artists, Julia and Jennifer helped me to understand that all my fears and self-criticisms are very common. This is something I knew rationally of course, but it is very easy to focus on one’s own struggles and feel isolated, to have an “woe is me” attitude.

One of the things that remains with me from our work together is the idea of self-acceptance, and to focus on the things I CAN be doing rather than beating myself up over what I think I SHOULD be doing. With this realization, it is easier (though not easy) to be creative and move on to the ‘fun’ of the problem-solving rather than becoming mired in the the negative thoughts.

Julia and Jennifer encouraged me to challenge myself and gave me practical guidance to help me accomplish my goals. In helping me with my project, their words helped me to be more organized and assertive in my personal life as well. My work with iCadenza has made me feel more confident about my own non-musical abilities in pursuing career dreams. They have helped me break down big ideas into more concrete goals, and I have learned that no dream should be thought to be impossible. Jennie Jung, Pianist, Jung Trio


“I feel more self-assured and in control of my fate.”

iCadenza-Client-Ezra-DonnerThe mission statement assignment was a great opportunity for self-reflection and a chance to try to articulate why I do what I do with words. Jennifer and Julia helped me with time management and organization, as well as honing my communication skills. I developed an awesome new website showcasing my life and work, and embarked on a new commissioning project to support the composition of a new chamber music piece. Ezra Donner


“I was promoted to full professor. I made two CDs and wrote and published a book.”

iCadenza-Client-Susan-Mohini-KaneMy work with iCadenza changed my career from a negative series of disappointments to a very positive, self-motivated series of successes. The classical music world is very competitive is prone to harshness for everyone but especially for sopranos who are told from the beginning that they are “a dime a dozen.” It is hard to shake that sense of unworthiness.

iCadenza helped me shake that negative sense of worthlessness by a series of exercises that also included action points. Once the action begins, it almost doesn’t matter what you do, the action itself if it is going in a positive way. It moves mountains.

My work with Julia and Jennifer made me feel not only worthy of positive action on my own behalf but also capable of it. During our time working together, so many things changed: I bought a house. I bought a new car. I was promoted to full professor. I made two CDs and wrote and published a book.

My positive actions achieved positive results and those build upon each other. Now I see just how devastating the negative attitudes are and how they lead to negative choices and lack of action. When I see myself heading towards the negative, I make a special effort to stay positive knowing that my own attitude has a very real impact on my life. Susan Mohini Kane


“My confidence was boosted.”

iCadenza-Client-Heather-Klein-Photo by Betsy Kershner © 2013When I realized I needed to re-vamp a lot of my online presence, Jennifer and Julia gave me the names of organizations and contacts. My new website has a professional look! I also have new head shots and mailer that I send 1-2 times per month through MailChimp.

They also gave me significant help when putting together my self-produced CD. It was a lot of work doing it by myself, and I was so grateful to have iCadenza’s support when I had questions and needed of a professional opinion.

Jennifer and Julia they were there to listen to my fears and give me the tools to push myself to take the next step. Even better, I feel like I have the tools to continue this work on my own. Heather Klein

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