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Through our own experiences as performers, arts administrators, and entrepreneurs, iCadenza offers clients a unique and invaluable perspective within the ever-changing arts landscape. Our organizational consulting offerings range from one-time workshops and events to in-depth organizational evaluation reporting, as well as long-term consulting projects and presentation series.

iCadenza trains teams and leaders to communicate more fluidly and consistently, understand the value and technique of effective, active listening, and embrace interdepartmental, lateral communication and thinking. This work leads to team members taking greater ownership for not only their work, but also their emotional experience, and leaders finding creative and collaborative approaches to resolve conflicts, connect across departments, and access more clarity in their own thinking. We have also seen cultural shifts towards more collaborative work and deeper trust. Additionally, in partnership with the Ken Blanchard Companies, iCadenza presents a series of programs aimed at developing, encouraging, and training team members for leadership at all levels.  



Organizational Evaluation

To truly understand the strengths, challenges, and opportunities of an organization, it is imperative to take a

comprehensive, objective look at operations, services, culture, and personnel. Our flagship service, the Organization Evaluation, leverages iCadenza’s unique expertise to provide an important external perspective of your organization. Our team of consultants, along with leading consultants across the industry (such as diversity guru Aaron Dworkin and community engagement expert Nathaniel Zeisler) will then give recommended steps for improvement.

The process includes a site visit, interviews, and comprehensive review of an organization’s current state and culminates with a report of our findings, as well as recommendations for future action. iCadenza offers six tracks of evaluation, though we are able to tailor any of these to the needs of your organization:

Authentic Diversity: We believe authentic diversity is a richness of perspective that is achieved when an organization actively works toward a diverse and representative body of both employees and clientele. We will seek to uncover what perspectives are “not in the room” by evaluating the current state of an organization’s diversity and efforts. Our team of consultants, along with consultants across the industry will then give recommended steps for improvement.

Community Engagement & Programming: Interaction and integration with the local community is paramount for the development, growth, and longevity of arts organizations. Likewise, arts organizations are uniquely situated to give back to their communities and provide meaningful impact. iCadenza works with organizations building new community engagement programs as well as well-established programs to evaluate the planning, implementation, and improvement of these efforts to truly meet the needs of community groups.

Career Preparation, Advising, and Outcomes: In an arts ecosystem that is rapidly changing, the career advice that institutions offer their students is more important than ever. Specifically geared toward higher-education, this track focuses on the career training offered by universities to ensure the success of their students after graduation. We will provide an evaluation of career services centers, classroom training/courses, and the advising received by students, faculty, and staff.

Organizational Culture: Culture is the key factor in the ongoing success and health of an organization – it is often said that culture eats strategy for breakfast. Through this track, we will identify the ways in which an organization interacts internally and externally, and what sort of culture these interactions create among employees and administration. Through interviews, we will create an honest evaluation of current standings and perspectives. We will also create an evaluation of culture development efforts.

Talent Development: Cultivating a highly-knowledgeable, dedicated staff is crucial to an organization’s long-term success. Through this track, we focus on the process of searching, hiring, training, and developing a strong base of employees over time. We will help your organization avoid turnover and the subsequent loss of institutional knowledge. We will also help you create a process for building systems that serve employees and leadership over time.

Board Culture and Development: Recruiting, cultivating, and engaging a board in alignment with your ever-evolving organizational goals can be a huge challenge. Sometimes, one or two key factors can make or break a healthy board culture, and in turn can severely impact the bottom line. We will evaluate the current board culture and impact as well as how the board is relating to the organization and the community. Based on the existing strengths on your board and needs of your organization, we will help your board gain a sense of activation, empowerment, and clarity to help truly partner towards your organization’s goals and guide you in attracting ideal board members going forward.

Time to Think

This workshop is built on the premise that that the quality of everything we do depends on the quality of the thinking we do first. Drawing from Nancy Kline’s Time to Think philosophy, this workshop teaches participants how to enhance their conversations (with themselves and others), and “think” their way to greater success.

These principles benefit any interaction and relationship, but we have found that they are especially pertinent and useful to organizations that are undergoing change and exploring innovation. We explore how assumptions – about the way the industry works, what is possible, or what a team is capable of – can block an organization’s progress, as well as how to overcome them. This higher level of innovative thinking can transform the way that companies create and market their services, strategies, services, and products.

After presenting the concepts, we provide a framework of support and accountability to encourage team members to continue using the tools. We also offer individual coaching sessions with senior management team members where we provide a thinking environment as well as create an opportunity to discuss challenges and questions.

360-Degree Review

Self-awareness is one of the most valuable tools in building effective leadership. However, it can be difficult for leaders (particularly the most senior leaders) to capture the candid feedback from their teams and peers. Even if this information is available, it is hard to filter through the variety of opinions and develop a prioritized list of action items. The 360-Degree Review process does just that to help leaders gain a full picture of where they are most effective. Once the information is gathered, iCadenza works with company leadership to support filtering through responses, processing/analyzing trends, and building a plan for addressing those elements that most serve individual leaders and the company as a whole.

This process is targeted to help leaders understand how they are perceived by their teams, as well as identify their leadership styles. The process starts with multiple sessions with company leaders to discuss leadership style and the areas you most want to focus on. Next, iCadenza conducts interviews with a group of selected peers, colleagues, and direct reports. This process results in a final report, noting trends, including quotes (without attribution to specific individuals), and noting the areas that emerge as growth opportunities. We then work together to produce a plan for how to draw upon areas of strength and improve blind spots and challenge areas going forward.

Executive Search & Talent Development

A major challenge for organizations of all sizes is searching for and bringing in talented, forward-thinking candidates for executive-level  roles. Not only must these candidates be deeply qualified based upon their unique experiences, they must also be a true fit for the organization’s culture to be successful in the long run. Through nearly a decade of experience working with arts organizations and administrators, iCadenza offers unique insight and organizational skills in the following areas:

Job Description Creation

  • Assess the needs and requirements of the position through interviews with senior staff, members of the board, and other key constituents to develop a well-rounded understanding of expectations. This includes aligning divergent expectations and working with all parties to develop organizational buy-in and trust.
  • Develop a unified position description tailored to finding an experienced leader with a strong vision who will be a collaborative partner to the organization’s leaders.

Job Search

  • Conduct a job description circulation campaign, tapping into industry listings, online resources, social media networks, and iCadenza’s unique network of artistic administrators.
  • Create a wishlist of candidates with organizational leadership and reach out to encourage those individuals to apply.
  • Provide communication support and guidance for a people-centered process of decision making and hiring.

Candidate Screening & Reporting

  • Interview up to 10 candidates to be considered for the position, evaluated in the areas of collaborative potential, interpersonal and leadership, and vision for the future of the organization.
  • Develop a report featuring a short-list of recommendations with detailed notes and assessments for each of the final candidates.

Executive Coaching

  • Provide ongoing coaching and consulting for the senior team once a candidate has been hired to develop a strong foundation for a successful transition period.
  • Areas of training will include, but are not limited to the following:
    • Leadership coaching during job development and interviewing process.  
    • Guidance and support in managing multiple constituents and viewpoints throughout the search process, and coaching on conflict management and trust-building to facilitate a successful outcome.  
    • Serving as brainstorming partners and advisors when analyzing the qualities of potential candidates.
    • Leadership coaching throughout the integration of new team members.  
    • Serving as a sounding board as challenges arise
    • Board development and management techniques.  
    • Brainstorming and strategizing on long term organizational development and vision.
    • Assessing the impact of possible partnerships and large-scale projects.
    • Additional items to be added as needed or requested.


Ken Blanchard Companies’ Programs

The Ken Blanchard Companies is the global leader in management training. For more than 35 years, Blanchard has been creating the best managers in the world, training over 150,000 people each year. From the award-winning First-time Manager program—based on the best-selling business book, The New One Minute Manager®—to Situational Leadership® II, the most widely taught leadership model in the world, Blanchard is the provider of choice of Fortune 500 companies as well as small to medium businesses, governments, and educational and nonprofit organizations.

Situational Leadership II: Situational Leadership® II (SLII) is the most widely taught leadership model in the world. The Blanchard® approach allows organizations to create a common framework for leadership and build a shared language that facilitates open communication between leaders and employees regarding performance and development.

Self Leadership: What is the most crucial requirement for the success of initiatives throughout an organization? According to the latest research, successful initiatives depend on the proactive behavior of those on the front line, the people implementing the initiatives—individual contributors. The truth is, people want to be engaged, make meaningful contributions, and be appreciated.  But not everybody realizes that they are in the driver’s seat of their professional lives. Not everybody has the skills necessary to be proactive. Self Leadership teaches team members the mindset and skill set to proactively achieve their goals and produce organizational results.

Building Trust: Trust is the critical link to all good relationships. It is core to how people work together, listen to one another, and build effective relationships. The primary factor affecting employee turnover is whether a manager and an employee have developed a trusting relationship. The Building Trust program is built on the ABCD Trust Model—a simple yet powerful tool that teaches the four elements of trust that are critical to creating and sustaining trustful relationships. Participants gain awareness of and sensitivity to the behaviors that influence trust and learn how to build and sustain trust effectively.

Coaching Essentials: The most effective managers and leaders have the qualities of a great coach. Leaders who use coaching skills have more effective teams, grow and retain their key people, and experience higher productivity overall. Developing coaching skills requires time and practice, but it has a big payoff for leaders and employees in developing people as well as producing results. Leaders draw out ideas and solutions from their people, collaborating with them rather than solving their problems. They bring just the right amount of direction to achieve the goals, all the while developing the skills and confidence of their people. This results in more competent and capable people who perform at higher levels over time.

The Hero’s Journey Workshop

Everyone is on their own journeys, with their own unique stories, and they’re about to embark on their next adventures. A lot of the stories they are hearing paint a picture of gloom and doom – they hear that the industry has changed, and therefore there are fewer opportunities. However, both in our own experience and that of hundreds of amazing artists and administrators that we’ve had the privilege of working with over the past 8 years, the real story is very different.

The real story is not that there are fewer opportunities, but rather that the opportunities are different now. The truth is that there are infinite opportunities and many paths that students today can pursue. As you may know, for most people, the road to success looks like lots of trials, lots of errors and failures, until the right conditions provide the ideal outcome. But for some reason, even though we know this, your students may expect success to be immediate, and can question themselves when it’s not.

The Hero’s Journey Workshop walks through the three phases – the ordinary world where the rules are defined and one knows how to play the game; the unknown world that involves risks and uncertainty, perceived failures and missteps; and the return, where one emerges changed and stronger with a heightened sense of purpose and direction.

The MACRO Model Workshop

iCadenza’s signature MACRO Model was developed through a statistical analysis of artists on the Cadenza Artists roster, seeking to identify the qualities that enabled certain artists to garner much more success than others. The MACRO Model builds on the 6 pillars of our book, Awakening Your Business Brain, translating five of them into concrete development areas that will bolster any artist or project.

We ask participants to discover the following:

MY VALUES: What makes them unique and how they define themselves as artists

ACTION: Identify and initiate the next steps they need to take based on their values

COMMUNICATE: How to promote their value via headshots, resumés, and social media

RELATIONSHIPS: How to establish meaningful partnerships and long-term relationships

OPENNESS TO LEARNING AND GROWTH: How to stay open to growth, especially challenging in the face of adversity

Each of these elements transcends an specific artistic field and lies completely in the control of an individual. Training through iCadenza’s MACRO Model provides organizations a simple, yet profound, framework on which to develop their own training and development programs. Participants in this program are able to easily translate the model into a workable, personalized action plan. Participants will be able to get immediate value from these tools, either applied to their own careers or in learning how to present this methodology to their organization, individually or in a group setting.

Our Clients Have Included

  • Peabody Institute
  • DePaul University School of Music
  • Association of Performing Arts Presenters (APAP)
  • Emerging Arts Leaders Los Angeles
  • Chorus America
  • SongFest
  • DePauw University
  • University of Northern Colorado School of Music
  • College Music Society
  • The Peabody Institute
  • New World Symphony
  • University of Northern Texas


“The work was transformative from the beginning, almost immediately. There was a change of attitude, a change of trust, there was a change of how we communicate, an openness, a transparency that we had been really struggling with. And as we add new people, as people come and go, we can now bring them into an environment where this is an expectation, that this cultural expectation is here now.”
Bill Lueth, Vice President of USC Radio Group

“I just want to go back to work to use all the great ideas. I have the feeling this is the beginning of a wonderful shift. Your openness and vulnerability made the space feel safe for choosing to experience your message in a meaningful way. Thank you!”
Cheryl Scheidemantle, Board Chair of Los Angeles Children’s Chorus

“Communication has improved with everyone who reports to me, and we are making progress on leveling the playing field and tackling the more serious communication issues. This was a wonderful use of our time and attention.”

“I can hardly believe the impact such a short amount of work together with iCadenza could make on my morale at work and my outlook on life… If someone asked me about my work with them, I would be hard-pressed not to push them in the door.”
Gail Eichenthal, Executive Producer, USC Radio Group

“My overall experience of working with iCadenza: a positive experience, an educational experience, an enlightening experience, an experience that gave me tools that I can use everyday at the workplace and away from the workplace.”
Alan Chapman, Producer and Host, KUSC Radio

“Working with iCadenza helped me see how difficult it was for me to move outside of my comfort zone. Luckily, they are committed, creative, and responsive while also striving for an environment of growth. I now have a better understanding of myself in regards to my career.”
Tom Hooten, Principal Trumpet of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra

“The process helped clarify my own thinking and goals for the future…It had a positive effect immediately on the comfort between team members.”

“What’s interesting, also, is that after having done that work, now a year and a half later, it still has an effect on how the senior team interacts. There still in the case of a couple of people who probably had the most conflict, if you will, as senior team members, they still respect each other, they even bring it up sometimes. They’ll jokingly talk about their differences now as opposed to frustratingly talking about their differences, and that has lasted. I think that’s a surprise for us. People started to listen to each other, they started to pay attention. They were isolated to do these sessions, which also was valuable. It’s really hard to do when you’re going through your day-to-day operation. You have to almost separate from reality, put yourself in this artificial space, have someone lead you through a way to look at this differently, to be able to take the time to think. Then you can learn how to do it so you can apply it later on to the regular day to day operation.”
Bill Lueth, Vice President of USC Radio Group

“It taught us a way of dealing with one another that involved deep listening and being willing to express yourself and talk and share. And it really was transformative for the senior leadership team. And as we rolled it out to the rest of the staff, it’s been transformative for the staff as well and has really been tremendously helpful in building a stronger sense of team.”
Brenda Barnes, President, USC Radio Group

“I stopped looking for another job (that’s a big one)! I am looser and friendlier with my boss and with a few of my colleagues. I have learned (once again) to love and appreciate my wonderful job. How can I ever thank you enough?”

“I have better relationships with some of the management, even the staff, all because of very subtle yet powerful skills I learned through iCadenza.”
Chris Mendez, Director of New Media, USC Radio Group

“What iCadenza has brought to us is an understanding of how the organization works, and also injecting that understanding with realistic solutions and ideas of how it can be made better.”
Kelsey McConnell, Assistant Program Director, KUSC Radio Group

“The work that iCadenza did really helped with a thawing of a culture that had been in effect for about 15 to 17 years. What the Time to Think methodology helped us do is learn what motivates us to come in everyday, what motivates us to want to live our lives the way we do or to want to have this job. So I think it helped us learn about each other on a deeper level and then it also helped us learn to listen to one other more effectively.”
Brenda Barnes, President, USC Radio Group

“iCadenza has been very good at bringing employees’ management and employees together to understand who they are as employees and managers — as human beings, not just as professionals, but also as human beings. There’s a certain vulnerability to that at the end of the day, but through that vulnerability and understanding of who you are as a person, it helps you get to know each other and get a very positive view.”
John Van Driel, Chief Content Officer, USC Radio Group

“I’m surprised by how much my morale could be turned around within such a very short time by dropping my negative assumptions.”


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