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Creative Careers Podcast: Episode 24 with Beth Morrison

How do you take an idea and turn it into an opera?
Today on the show Beth Morrison gives us an overview of what it takes to produce an opera, from the original concept to opening night.
Beth Morrison is the founder and creative director of Beth Morrison Projects (BMP), an organization that identifies and supports the work of emerging and established composers and their multi-media collaborators through the commission, development, production and touring of their works, which take the form of music-theatre, opera-theatre, multi-media concert works and new forms waiting to be discovered.
Beth shares three thoughts a young producer should keep in mind, how she started BMP in her bedroom after moving to NYC and knowing no one, and her beliefs about partnerships.
You can learn more about Beth Morrison Projects at
This episode features excerpts from:
“Tell the Way”
Presented by St. Ann’s Warehouse & the Brooklyn Youth Chorus | Co-produced by BMP
“Anatomy Theater”
music by DAVID LANG | libretto by MARK DION AND DAVID LAN
directed by BOB McGRATH | conducted by CHRISTOPHER ROUNTREE
scenic design by MARK DION | production by RIDGE THEATER
lighting design by CHRIS KUHL | costumes by ALIXA GAGE ENGLUND
video design by BILL MORRISON | projection design by LAURIE OLINDER
Peabody Southwell
Marc Kudisch
Robert Osborne

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  1. Hi Dear Creators of the icandeza,

    I´m just passing here to say that it´s amazing the work you are developing and it plays a very important role for us musicians that sometimes see ourselves trapped by the ever more close and tricky music market, especially when we talk about the classical world. This last podcast with Beth Morrison has inspired me a lot, and it was just a big coincidence because I´m also trying to think of creating something in the field of opera and theater, that involves new technology and media. I´m also a singer that is now interested in magement and producing and was already interested and inspired by the work of the 1927:
    I would like to suggest a podcast also with Suzanne Andrade and Paul Barrit from 1927! I would be endlessly thankful!
    I wish you all the best

    Nívea Freitas

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