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Get the Step-by-Step Process and Support You Need
to Book More Performances
and Make a Living Doing What You Love

How can you consistently book performances without feeling overwhelmed?

Artistically, you’re at the top of your game. Your dream is to craft the programs you want, be the artistic director of your career, and get compensated for it.

But would you give yourself an “A” in reaching audiences who want to hear you?

More importantly, are you getting paid what you deserve to perform at venues locally and in other regions?

It’s not that you’re slacking off. You practice, rehearse, and try to keep up with your network but you’re still not getting the traction you want. Most of your income is from teaching or a day job — and you wish it came from performing or touring.

You KNOW your artistry is valuable and meaningful, and that audiences will appreciate it. But when it comes to booking concerts, you feel overwhelmed.

You look at the successful soloists and ensembles that are playing in venues around the U.S., and wonder…

…What are they doing that I’m not?
…Why aren’t more people proactively asking me to perform?
…What do music managers and agents know that I don’t — and do I need one?
…How can I market myself more successfully?
…How can I earn fees commensurate with my expertise?

One thing you’re sure of is that you’re tenacious and dedicated. You’re not interested in sitting around waiting for the phone to ring. You’re 100% committed to your dream and you’re ready to do what it takes to get your career in music on the right track.


  • Receive an email from a respected presenter asking when you’re available to perform
  • Expand your project to reach more people by touring the country (or the world)
  • Feel like you’re in the driver’s seat of your career — instead of saying yes to whatever comes your way
  • Find performance opportunities where YOU can choose the repertoire, the collaborators, and every other artistic element
  • Get jobs without going through the brutal audition circuit
  • Have extra money to climb out of debt, upgrade your promotional materials, and splurge on the little things like new shoes, organic food, and the commercial-free Hulu account

Here’s the truth…

It’s ALL possible.

You know the artistic side. But if you don’t know how to effectively market yourself in the music industry, you won’t get the gigs — or the money — you truly deserve.

All it takes is someone to fill in the gaps. And that’s where we come in.

Here’s what happens when you learn the business side of the music industry…


To get the attention of industry influencers, you MUST have a proven track record demonstrating that audiences are interested in your performances.

That means you need a steady, consistent stream of performances and tour dates.

It’s a classic Catch-22. To get an agent or manager, you need more performances. To get more performances, you need an agent.

Is it hopeless?


Once you know a few insider booking secrets, YOU can easily book your own performances and create the track record you need — without an agent or manager. 

So, how do you do it?


Did you know that there is something called the Booking Season? It’s a period during the year when presenters actively consider artists for their venues.

That means from August 2018 through April 2019 venues will be considering artists for the 2019-20 season.

So the big question is:

Are you ready to book your next season? Or will you miss your chance?

It might sound crazy, but by August, you need to be ready to pitch your project. That means, you’ll need marketing materials, a plan to reach out to venues, a polished pitch, and support along the way.


For nearly a decade, we’ve helped entrepreneurial musicians book their own performances and tours.

And we’ve seen first hand that being your own agent isn’t easy.

Stepping into artistic and professional autonomy forces you to grow in a way you might never have experienced before. When you choose this path, you can’t just sit back and wait for the offers to flow in.

Even the most dedicated musicians run into into obstacles, like:

Obstacle #1: The “Traditional” Path Isn’t Working

Sure, one option is to brave the audition circuit and get into an orchestra or be cast in an opera. But never before have so many highly qualified musicians worked for so few job openings.

On top of that, there are gatekeepers to get through, and you have only a few minutes to prove yourself. If you miss one note, or have one bad day, this chance that you’ve poured your whole life into could be over in a flash.

And of course there’s the practicality of taking time and gas money to get to your auditions. Then, if you get rejected, you must deal with the heartbreak and muster up the courage to do it all again.

You’re asking yourself, “Is this really the best route to get where I want to go?”

Obstacle #2: School Didn’t Teach You the Ins-and-Outs of the Business

You’re interested in self-management but you’re not completely sure how it works. Unfortunately, grad school probably didn’t teach you how to make a living as a performing solo musician or as an ensemble.

You’ve been learning as much as you can but some of the traditional marketing methods that work for small businesses and entrepreneurs don’t work for musicians. Plus, there’s SO much advice out there, you’re not even sure where to start.

You’ve been experimenting with different tactics but you’re still stuck. At this point, you have lots of questions and you wish you had an expert in your corner to help you know exactly what step to take next.

Obstacle #3: Life Is Busy

You’d love to make a full-time living doing the work you love, but right now you’re straddling many different responsibilities.

You struggle to balance everything you have to do to keep your career moving forward. From practice to rehearsals to networking, you’re spread thin and are ready to streamline your processes.

So how do you go from spinning your wheels to booking gigs consistently?
You’re in the right place.



A 5-week online course for independent musicians who are ready to market their music so they can live their passion.

Be Your Own Agent gives you everything you need to prepare you to book yourself for the 2018-19 season so you can promote your projects in a way that will excite presenters.

How would your life change if you knew everything the top music agents knew: how to package and market your performance, reach out to venues, build a performance tour, negotiate fees, and promote your art in a way that feels like YOU?

Here’s what happens when you learn what agencies and management companies already know…


Be Your Own Agent is the first step to creating the season you want most. That means you:

  • Perform surrounded by colleagues of the highest order of skill and passion
  • Say yes to productions you truly believe in, rather than those that simply fill the gaps and pay the bills
  • Take on a manageable mix of standard repertoire and new music
  • Have to learn how to say graciously “no” to projects because you’re getting more offers than you can say yes to

Your biggest goals is to get your name out there, build a reputation, and prove that you can make a living doing what you love. And that’s exactly what Be Your Own Agent is designed to help you do.

Audiences want what you have to offer. You just have to learn how to package your performance in a way that stands out so that presenters, directors, and industry influencers take notice.

After 5 weeks, you know exactly how to highlight the most marketable aspects of your performance, create a performance schedule (the right way), and manage your connections so that you can maintain relationships with A-listers.

Before you read one more word, know this…


This program is specifically designed to walk you through what it takes to manage your music career AND give you the support you need along the way.

10 video modules break down the exact steps you need to take your show on the road so that you can get the recognition and make the money you deserve.

Your life is busy, and adding another “to-do” to your list can feel overwhelming. That’s why we help you stay focused and accountable along the way, helping you prioritize your tasks so you can focus on the things that will benefit you the most.

Get insider tips from a professional booking agent and finally discover what it really takes to get your name out there. You’ll take action, share your materials, and practice your pitch so that you can learn what’s working and where you can improve.

Get lifetime access to our private Facebook group where you can chat with your current classmates or ask our alumni for advice. Share your successes, lend a helping hand, and build lasting relationships.

As you can see, we created Be Your Own Agent to help you remove any obstacle that might be standing in your way.

And how can you be sure it works?


You’re familiar with iCadenza, a consulting company for musicians. But did you know we also own another company called Cadenza Artists?

Cadenza Artists is an artist management company that we started over six years ago.

Back then, we were “green” agents. Like you, we had a passion, enthusiasm and drive — and we thought that would be enough for us to succeed.

Boy were we wrong!


During booking conferences, presenters would pass by us, refusing to make eye contact.

(Not sure what a “booking conference” is? Be Your Own Agent tells you everything you need to know about them, and if they’re a good strategy for you.)

Getting ignored stung, and it was an important reminder of how challenging this industry can be. But we were tenacious, so we kept moving forward.

It took us a lot of trial and error, but over time we learned exactly what it takes to position an artist successfully to a venue.


Now, we know how to pitch artists via email and cold calls. We’re expert negotiators and have built deep and meaningful relationships with our presenting partners.

Today, Cadenza Artists manages 30+ artists from around the world.

Here’s the thing. We’re not natural sales people! We’re introverts who are more in our element while creating. But we’ve learned how to speak with passion about great artistry.

The skills you need to have a successful music career are 100% learnable. And we want to pass those skills onto you.

We’re constantly refining our approach and keeping our material up to date with the latest industry trends and practices that you need to know to be successful.

We challenge you to find another course that can give you this information.


You learn the exact steps you need to book more consistent performances and build a track record for your music career.

Lesson 1: Self-Management 101

  • The new way to look at your music career to ensure you’re successful (every successful musician does this)
  • The #1 thing you need to have to get noticed by agents and managers
  • The biggest assumption that freelance musicians make that’s holding them back

Lesson 2: Hone Your Message

  • The questions you must ask yourself before reaching out to presenters, directors (and anyone who is hiring you)
  • Why having a mission statement could change the trajectory of your career for the better — and how to create one

Lesson 3: Build Your Tour

  • The 7 essential steps to building a tour that actually makes you money
  • The surprising mistake many musicians make that results in not getting hired (and how to avoid it)
  • Exactly what to say to a presenter to prove that you’re the right fit for their audience

Lesson 4: Make the Call

  • The common pitfalls most musicians make when reaching out to presenters — and how to avoid them
  • The most important thing you should keep in mind when calling a presenter
  • How to handle it when a presenter doesn’t call you back

Lesson 5: Negotiate Your Fee

  • How to determine the right fee for you
  • Ways to get more out of your performance
  • The one thing you must know before entering a negotiation

Lesson 6: Manage Your Contacts

  • How to overcome the overwhelm of maintaining records
  • How often to follow up without sounding like a broken record

Lessons 7 & 8: Package Yourself

  • What promotional materials you need
  • How to make your promotional materials attractive to agents and presenters
  • Ways to get the most out of your website and social media

Lesson 9: Network at Conferences

  • Booking conferences vs. Networking conferences (which is best for you?)
  • Things to keep in mind when prepping for a conference
  • Showcase 101
  • Best practices for networking and following up

Lesson 10: Put It All Together

  • The ONE thing that sets apart the musicians who make it from those who don’t
  • How to know what feedback you should listen to (and what you should ignore)
  • Steps for preparing for management



Receive complimentary access to Mission into Action. This digital mini-course helps you define your career (and life) goals, so that you can prioritize what’s most important to you and take purposeful action. As your career evolves, you can return to this course again and again to gain clarity and direction.


Tired of staring at a blank screen, wondering what to write? We’re giving you copy-and-paste templates that you can send to presenters, collaborators, and influencers. You’ll even get a Cold-Calling Phone Script so that you can confidently reach out to your favorite venues over the phone and sound like a pro.



You receive 10 video modules, 24/7 access to our private Facebook community, the Mission into Action mini-course, and the Pitch Like a Pro Email Script Collection.


We are so confident that Be Your Own Agent can help you build a successful touring practice, that we are offering a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. Just show us you made an effort to complete the exercises, and we will refund your purchase, no questions asked.




We’re action takers who shake up the status quo and inspire our clients to do the same. Our approach is deeply personal and individualized, yet highly practical.

Jennifer Rosenfeld—Thought Changer

When fear and self-doubt rear up, Jennifer gives you the tools you need to push through them with grace. She has extensive experience working with artists of all genres on identifying and pursuing their professional goals and overcoming the obstacles that come up along the way.


Julia Torgovitskaya—Career Launcher

A trained opera singer, Julia Torgovitskaya relates first-hand to the challenges facing performing artists. She’s passionate about helping artists approach their careers with an entrepreneurial mindset, and using proven business concepts for their personal career success.


And your guest coach…

Greg Kastelman—Agent Extraordinaire

Greg Kastelman is the Vice President of Cadenza Artists, and serves as the Director of Concert Booking & Business Development. Having concentrated in psychology at Tufts University, Greg is an expert in developing relationships with presenters. He teaches you how to get an edge as a freelancer so that you can stand out.



Be Your Own Agent is designed for classical, independent, or freelance musicians and performers who want to book performances on their own — either to successfully freelance or to eventually get the attention of an agent or manager.

You’re a good fit for the program if you’re ready to commit to promoting yourself online and in person.

But this isn’t for everyone…

This takes work! If you’re feeling overworked and lack the time to reflect on your goals, this probably isn’t for you. Be prepared to devote time and energy toward learning how to support your art.


What’s it worth for you to use your art to connect and inspire others?


“My response rate on cold emails has gone up significantly!

My experience with BYOA was exactly what I had hoped for. I’ve had a 100% return rate on my spate of cold emails to New Zealand (a market where I have absolutely no personal professional connections) — all within a week’s time!

I signed up for Be Your Own Agent to further refine my own booking process and marketing strategy. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the course, but I felt free to work at my pace. That can be very liberating for those of us who feel like we may be crushed by the addition of *just one more* thing to our lives.

Getting one-on-one feedback was priceless! The team told me where I could improve, plus affirmed the things I was already doing right. All of the tips and feedback came from a very positive place.

I feel much more empowered now. I’m happy with my direction and excited for what lies ahead.”

Juliana Soltis · Baroque Cellist ·

“By the time I completed Be Your Own Agent, I felt like a different artist.

Be Your Own Agent is engaging, well organized, and easy to follow. The course book and videos provide information and step-by-step instructions for implementing a self-managed career. I learned my role and responsibilities as a self-managed artist, and the importance of being able to communicate who I am as an artist to potential presenters.

Now I can clearly explain my viewpoint as a performer, I have a website that’s clean and fresh, I have a gameplan for expanding my reach, and, most importantly, I feel empowered to take control of my career and pursue my vision. This course transformed the way I think about the music industry, and I’m now ready to transform the music industry with what I have to offer! If you are considering this course, I have two words for you: ‘Take it!’”

Tami Lee Hughes · Concert Violinist ·

“I now know how important it is to think like a presenter.

My career was doing okay but I wanted to shift from orchestra gigs to getting more solo concerts. Be Your Own Agent gives you great insight into how the business works, how presenters think, and what the best way is to communicate with them.

I started to improve and organize my marketing materials, and even sent a newsletter that got great feedback. I have more concrete ideas about what I can do to book more concerts.”

Nicole Müller · Harpist ·

“I’ve made a concrete plan for each branch of my career (performance, teaching, writing/publishing).

At first, I thought I didn’t have enough of a career to be the agent of it. But it turned out I was wrong!

Be Your Own Agent was productive, enriching, and motivating — and I appreciated that I could choose my pace.

So far, I have made changes to my promotional materials (photos and design), written a mission statement, contacted directors of music schools to set up performances, workshops and masterclasses, and I’ve begun to organize my contacts using the resources the course provided.

If you have a focused desire to expand your career, Be Your Own Agent is absolutely worth it.”

Dr. Nora Karakousoglou · Performer and Educator ·

“I have been able to talk with presenters in a focused manner.

Be Your Own Agent is a great program to ‘get your feet wet’ when it comes to booking your own performances.  All the materials are easy to follow and delivered in manageable, small-chapter sizes.

Plus, these skills more than pay for themselves. In one contract I could make back the investment.

Now that I’ve completed the course, I’ll be updating all of my materials. And I feel confident knowing I have all of these new tools in my toolbox.”

Rachel Payne · Opera Singer/Producer · ·

PS: Don’t miss your chance to book yourself for next season! This is YOUR time, and with our risk-free, 30-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. Join today.

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